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Psychic Development Courses



In our psychic development courses you will learn how to open up your third eye or pineal gland so that you can access the psychic field. These courses help you to better trust your intuition when you really need it and to develop confidence in your psychic abilities. Even if you are a beginner to psychic development you can learn amazing skills that help you to see into situations, to better understand others, and to connect with your higher self.

We offer introductory courses if you’re interested in dabbling with your intuitive abilities. We also offer advanced level 1 and level 2 psychic development courses if you are interested in gaining a psychic certification and doing readings for others. You will be taught and tested in several different psychic reading styles such tarot card reading, crystal ball reading, psychometry reading, energy & emotions reading, and more. Students are taught in a caring, gentle, and inspiring way that helps you to develop your natural strengths.

Please click on the links below for the course outline to get an idea of all the exciting and fascinating topics we cover in the psychic development courses!


Psychic Development Level 1 Course Outline


Psychic Development Level 2 Course Outline



Psychic Development Course Rates



        Class Specials 

        ~ prepay for 6, two hour private classes, 10% off Reg. $720 Special $648

        ~ prepay for 12, 90 minute private classes, 15% off Reg. $1080 Special $918

        ~ prepay for 12, 90 minute semi-private classes, 10% off, Reg. $540 Special $486


        Introductory Classes

        Private Classes ~ $60  ~ 1 hour / $90 ~ 1.5 hrs. / $120 ~ 2 hrs.

        Semi-private Classes (2 to 4 students) ~ per student ~  $45 ~ 1.5 hrs / $60 2 hrs