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. . . . . . with a variety of restorative services at Airlea! Our healing treatments include Reiki energy healing, crystal healing, relaxation crystal massage, sound healing, spiritual cleansing & home clearing, chakra balancing & EFT. Your personalized healing is offered in a peaceful space with restful music & aromatherapy. Enjoy a single treatment or combine different services in one session for a multi-sensory experience!

Are you seeking guidance? Try our intuitive crystal ball & tarot readings, life coaching, art & creativity coaching, past-life reading, or soul retrieval. Would you like to learn how to heal yourself and manifest your dreams? Sign up for our Crystal Healing Workshop or Light Magic Manifestation Workshop!


Reiki Energy Healing


Revitalize your energy, restore your health, and boost your inner radiance with a unique blend of soothing Reiki, gentle massage, and aromatherapy. To learn more about what Reiki is and how it will benefit you, click here: Reiki Energy Healing

$80 ~ 1 hour / $120 ~ 1.5 hrs. / $160 ~ 2 hrs. / $190 ~ 2.5 hrs.


Deluxe Reiki & Crystal Massage


In this deluxe experience you will begin with a relaxation massage assisted with smooth precious crystals. Next receive a reiki energy healing to promote the gentle balancing and harmonizing of your energy.  This special blend of soothing reiki, gentle massage, and aromatherapy will allow you to unwind and let go at a new level. A wonderful treat to revitalize your energy and boost your radiance.

$120 ~ 1.5 hrs. / $160 ~ 2 hrs. / $190 ~ 2.5 hrs. / $230 ~ 3 hrs.


Emotional Freedom Technique Healing


Fully express, release, and remove negative emotions in a safe and painless way so that you can finally experience the positive emotions you need for your ultimate healing. With gentle acupressure tapping, expressing, and positive affirmations you can finally let go of the limiting emotions and beliefs that have been holding you back in so many areas of your life. Experience a permanent reduction in these negative emotions so that you can let go of suffering and enjoy life. Learn more

$80 ~ 1 hour / $120 ~ 1.5 hrs. Add Reiki to your EFT session $160 ~ 2 hrs. / $190 ~ 2.5 hrs.


Past Life Reading


Receive a past-life reading and discover who you were in your past lives and how these aspects of yourself are affecting your current lifetime. Gain knowledge and talents from your past lives and speak to one of your past incarnations in order to get advice about a challenge you are dealing with right now. Learning about your past lives is fascinating, empowering, deeply healing, and it helps you to clarify the direction of your future path. Learn more

$160 ~ 2 hrs. / $190 ~ 2.5 hrs. / $230 ~ 3 hrs.


Soul Retrieval 


In your soul retrieval reading you will be transported back to your most relevant past lifetime in order to retrieve and reintegrate important parts of your soul. This is an empowering, healing, and relaxing experience. Learn more

$160 ~ 2 hrs. / $190 ~ 2.5 hrs. / $230 ~ 3 hrs.


Hot Stone Precious Crystals Massage


A refreshing, soothing and unique experience; the healing properties of warm crystals and essential oils are combined to harmonize your whole being.  Enjoy the benefits of a full body relaxation massage, crystal massage and aromatherapy for a pampering experience. Heated smooth crystal spheres & wands assist in this gentle massage treatment.

$80 ~ 1 hour / $120 ~ 1.5 hrs. / $160 ~ 2 hrs. / $190 ~ 2.5 hrs.


Spiritual Home Cleanse


Receive a deep energy cleanse for your home from certified Spiritualist and Reiki healer Chloe Ulis. A powerful blend of smudging, chanting & sound healing, reiki healing, crystal wand clearing, and spiritual cleansing is utilized to clear negative energies from your home and infuse it with light and positive energy.

$160 ~ 2 hrs. / $190 ~ 2.5 hrs. / $230 ~ 3 hrs.


Holistic Mind/Body/Spirit Cleanse


Receive a profound and revitalizing energy cleanse for your mind, body and spirit from certified Spiritualist and Reiki healer Chloe Ulis. A potent blend of epsom salts bath, holy water, smudging, chanting & sound healing, reiki healing, crystal wand clearing, and spiritual cleansing is utilized to clear negative energies from your whole being and infuse it with light and positive energy.

$120 ~ 1.5 hrs. / $160 ~ 2 hrs. / $190 ~ 2.5 hrs. / $230 ~ 3 hrs.


Crystal Chakra Cleanse


Enjoy the soothing sensation of having small precious crystals gently massaged into your main chakras centres with aromatherapy massage oil. The chakra cleanse purifies your key energy centres; removing negative energy or blockages from the body and bringing in pure positive energy. A gentle and revitalizing experience that is an excellent add-on to a reiki healing or massage treatment. Add on this treatment to a reiki healing or crystal massage for a deeply clearing experience.

$55 ~ 45 mins. / $80 ~ 1 hour / $120 ~ 1.5 hrs.


Intuitive Psychic Readings


In this intuitive reading enjoy a customized spiritual coaching session with a certified psychic. Chloe uses tarot cards, crystal ball, clairsentient and intuitive guidance to get your question answered and help you with practical advice to help guide you on your best path in life. Come in person or receive your reading over Skype.

$80 ~ 1 hour / $120 ~ 1.5 hrs.




Healing Crystal Grids Workshop


Explore the purpose of crystals, learn how to use them and enrich your life with their amazing energy. Learn how to create your own crystal grids and install them in your home in order to bring abundance, peace, protection, and wellbeing into your life. Manifest your goals using crystals in meditation, crystal grids and self-healing. For a full description, click here: Crystal Workshop 


Light Magic Manifestation Workshop


Find the true nature of magic in this powerful workshop! Discover amazing manifestation techniques for how to attract all the things you want in your life.  Harness the power of the mind, thoughts, intentions, and words to manifest whatever is needed for the highest good. Unravel the mysterious and potent properties of the key herbs, essential oils and candles needed for your manifestation goals. For a full description, click here: Manifestation Workshop