Heal Depression

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Chloe’s Tips for Healing Depression, Anxiety & Reducing Stress Levels Naturally


Note on Anti-Depressants


*Please note that some people may need to stay on anti-depressant drugs in order to get the results that they want. This is perfectly fine and in some cases it may be recommended. If you and your doctor decide that this is what’s best for you then you may want to just add some of the following supplements and dietary changes to your current routine. Please note that this is not a replacement for all medical advice and I do not claim to be a medical professional. I am a health intuitive and healer simply offering some tips and changes that worked very well for me.


*If you wish to try reducing your anti-depressants I recommend continuing to take a small amount along with these supplements for the next 2 to 3 weeks and slowly cut down on them in order to have a smooth transition. If you need to keep taking a small amount of the anti-depressants in order to stay balanced then I recommend continuing on with them. For example, if you are taking one anti-depressant pill per day, for the first 4 days take one per day, then the next 4 days take half per day, then the next 4 days take 1/4 per day, and continue to take 1/4 per day until 3 weeks have passed.


*Always take vitamins right before a meal or during a meal so that you don’t get nauseous. The following are just tips to help you to permanently manage depression and anxiety in your life so that you can be a happier healthier person. I am not a medical professional and I do not take responsibility for your health choices. This is just a system that worked for me that you can try but please use common sense and take responsibility for your own health during this process.


About This System


*I found that it took 3 weeks of following this regime before I noticed any improvements in my mood. It does take a very committed attitude and a belief that positive change is possible, which I understand can be difficult with a depressed mindset. Stay strong and stay open minded to being a happier healthier person! From my experience, small changes can go a long way to


Daily Vitamins & Supplements

Omega 3 Fish Oils: take 2 in the morning and 2 in the late afternoon snack or with dinner

5 HTP: take 1 in the morning along with 1 B Complex vitamin to aid with absorption

St. John’s Wort: take 1 in the morning

Vitamin C: take 1 in the morning (if you’re feeling tired or sick take 4 per day)

Amino Acids supplement such as L-Tyrosine: 1 in the morning (read this article to determine which type is best for you: https://blog.radiantlifecatalog.com/the-unspoken-solution-for-anxiety-individual-amino-acids)

Magnesium: take 1 the morning (if dealing with PMS or period related mood issues take 2 per day)

Multi-vitamin: 1 per day


Other important mood boosters

Ginseng (provides more energy)

Maca root powder (balances female hormones)

Spirulina or Chlorella powder (take 1 tsp in your morning smoothie)

Vitamin D & Vitamin E


Mood booster habits to integrate daily

Listen to guided meditation once in the morning and once before bed (free meditations on Youtube, I like chakra clearing meditations, Doreen Virtue’s angel meditations, and Jason Stephenson’s guided sleep meditations)

Breathe deeply from the belly not from the chest, self soothe with massage & enjoy simple pleasures of life

Prioritize that hobby that you enjoy & schedule it in! Art, music, hiking, kayaking, dancing, or whatever brings you joy!


Mood booster habits to integrate weekly

Epsom salts bath (nightly or at least once per week to clear any negative energy from the body)

Nature walks: in the forest or on the beach etc. (daily or at least twice per week)

Workouts to increase happy hormones (any kind of fitness of your choice that you really enjoy, from 2 to 4 times per week)


Important Dietary Changes


To REMOVE or greatly reduce from your diet, very important

*Remove these from your diet completely for at least 1 month to reduce the addiction to these foods, then greatly reduce them in your daily diet


Refined sugar (sugar causes the blood sugar to go up and down dramatically which causes the mood to be unbalanced, it also irritates the urinary tract and it feeds the parasites in the body which in turn consume a lot of your good nutrition and vitamins and depriving you of them.


Refined carbohydrates such as bread, buns, pastries, white rice, pasta, corn (these are SUGAR so they also feed the parasites and yeasts in the body causing us to feel sluggish and sick all the time)


Coffee & any type of caffeine (caffeine cause more anxiety and it irritates the digestive system, urinary tract and nervous system)


Fruit juice & pop: this is pure sugar plus will cause weight gain like all sugars. It’s better to eat fruit in it’s natural form because it has fibre in it and is easier to digest


To ADD to your diet & to replace above changes


LIQUID Stevia: to replace sugary drinks, buy Organika stevia leaf extract or Now liquid stevia & add 2 to 3 drops to smoothies, tea, lemon water etc.


Leafy greens: such as spinach, kale or lettuce, eat every day


Onion, garlic & ginger: use every day to boost immune system & kill parasites


Vegetables & fruits: eat as much as you like but limit fruit to the morning time or afternoon the latest because there’s a lot of sugar in them


Fish & Protein: eat instead of sugar and carbs when you feel low energy, fish is a proven mood booster due to the omega 3 fatty acids


Herbal teas: drink green tea or chai tea in the morning, mint tea in the afternoon, and chamomile tea in the evening. Drink as much herbal tea as you like because it boosts the metabolism, aids digestion and many other benefits


Yarrow tea: helps to heal a broken heart


Essential Oils


Use lavender essential oil: and add to diffuser, hand cream, hand soap, bath, etc. Aids in feelings of peace and serenity.


Mint & eucalyptus essential oil: add to bath to ease headaches, muscle aches, and clear energy


Important note about chocolate: instead of eating chocolate bars which are full of caffeine and sugar, buy RAW CACAO and put 1 tsp in a smoothie or hot chocolate that is sweetened with liquid stevia and add almond milk to taste