Past Life Reading

Past Life Reading & Soul Retrieval 



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My journey with past-life reading began in 2007 when I clairvoyantly viewed my own past lives while studying my aura. Since then I completed my past life reading and soul retrieval certification with shamanic practitioner Leonard Howell. Learning about my past lives has helped me in my healing journey and I enjoy sharing this gift with others.

Experiencing a past life reading can help you to heal karma and let go of negative energies that may be left over from past lives. By gaining insight into the patterns of your past lives you can integrate new perspectives and solutions to transform your current lifetime and manifest a more positive future. First we need to discover who we were in order to unveil the amazing potential of who we can be.



Past Life Reading


Receive a past-life reading and discover who you were in your past lives and how these aspects of yourself are affecting your current lifetime. Gain knowledge and talents from your past lives and speak to one of your past incarnations in order to get advice about a challenge you are dealing with right now. Learning about your past lives is fascinating, empowering, deeply healing, and it helps you to clarify the direction of your future path.

$105 ~ 1.5 hrs. / $145 ~ 2 hrs. 


Soul Retrieval 


In your soul retrieval reading you will be transported back to your most relevant past lifetime in order to retrieve and reintegrate important parts of your soul. This is an empowering, healing, and relaxing experience. Through the process of soul retrieval and by revisiting past lives we can upload unknown talents, ancient knowledge, and the key to our life’s purpose in this lifetime.

$105 ~ 1.5 hrs. / $145 ~ 2 hrs. 


The Role of Karma in Past Lives


Often times we have incarnated alongside certain souls that we need to learn important lessons from in order to heal our karma and to evolve into our highest potential.  Karma from past lives can manifest in our current lifetime as trapped emotional energy in the body. When we discover the more in depth story of our past lives and how we came to be the way we are today, we are then finally free to let those negative emotions and karma go. By releasing these stagnant energies from the past we can move forward with more confidence and a sense of our true identity in the grand scheme of things. Once we become aware of the patterns from our past lives we can free ourselves from them in the present. Often these negative patterns of attracting unhealthy relationships were stemming from the negative emotional energy from the past lives that we were holding on to. Self-knowledge and self-awareness allows for self-reflection, which in turn results in self-healing and self-empowerment.


How our ‘Past Life Readings’ differ from ‘Past Life Regression’


The past life readings that I offer are different to past life regression in two important ways. Firstly, past life regression often involves being hypnotized whereas in this past life reading you will be fully conscious. In your reading I lead you through a gentle guided meditation in which you are relaxed and in control. In this meditation I guide you on a peaceful journey and during this time you will converse with me and learn about your past life. Secondly, in addition to the past life reading I offer a clairvoyant past-life viewing whereby I study your aura and I view your past lives.


Benefits of Past Life Readings & Soul Retrieval


Receiving a past life reading or a soul retrieval can be a transformational experience that improves many aspects of your life. Some of the improvements that have been reported by people that have experienced past life regression & soul retrieval are improved levels of:

  • peace of mind
  • health
  • happiness
  • wealth
  • self confidence
  • freedom
  • understanding
  • sense of purpose