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Crystal Healing Grids Workshop



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Crystal healer Chloe Ulis has designed a unique workshop that’s all about crystals for beginners! Explore the meaning of crystals, learn how to use them and enrich your life with their amazing energy. Learn how to design and install your own crystal grids in your home in order to bring abundance, peace, protection, and wellbeing into your life. Manifest your goals using crystals in meditation, crystal grids and self-healing. Receive step-by-step guidance through the process of selecting your own personal crystals, where to buy them, and how to work with their special properties. Bring: 6 small polished crystals of amethyst and/or rose quartz to create a love or healing grid or 6 small polished citrine and/or green aventurine for a money manifestation grid. Bring one clear quartz point that stands up and one printed image of a circular image such as a flower of life, pentagram or mandala. Bring up to 6 other crystals that you have if you would like some guidance on how to use any other crystals that you have. If you have any questions please call Chloe at 604-805-5622. For a small group session of 2 to 5 people this 2 hour workshop is $90 per student. For a private one-on-one 2 hour workshop, it’s $120 and $65 per hour for additional time.


Crystal Healing Ongoing Classes



Are you looking for a more advanced course on crystal healing? In addition to teaching you about how to heal using crystals and crystal grids, learn how to utilize crystal body grids, crystal elixirs for health, chakra clearing with crystals, crystal wands and pendulums, or crystal massage. Visit us at: Crystal Grids Creations on Facebook for more details & learn more about crystal grids at our: Reiki Lotus Healing Blog. For private training with crystals, it’s $65 per hour. For continued group crystal classes, it’s $45 per hour per student.

Watch our video about the Healing Crystal Workshop here: