crystalbunch“Chloe’s crystal healing sessions are very relaxing and therapeutic.  I love the blend of essential oils that she uses and her comfy, heated massage table in her beautiful healing room that displays her own original paintings.  One of the things that makes her practise unique is the use of crystals on my body during massage.  Chloe is very sensitive to my needs regarding pressure and how much talking or silence I prefer.  She is very thorough, takes her time and also does some angelic chanting, at the end of my sessions, upon request, that put me into an even deeper level of relaxation.  Recently, Chloe did a crown chakra activation for me and I felt a very profound shift during and after my session.  Her sessions go so deep that I usually find that I need to rest and integrate them for about 24 hours afterwards to achieve the maximum benefit.  Thank you, Chloe, for the awesome healing angel that you are!”  Harmoney Laurence, White Rock, B.C





“Chloe Ulis is a multi-talented healer and she blends many forms of healing into a customized session. She uses Reiki, massage, crystal healing, guided meditation, emotional freedom technique, chanting, and past-life reading.  After three years of receiving energy healing with Chloe once per month, my energy levels have risen to a much higher level. I am an energy healer myself and I find that Chloe’s energy is the right blend of masculine & feminine for my personal healing and for the healing work that I do on others. I also recommend Chloe’s art coaching, spiritual coaching and psychic development classes. Chloe is an excellent coach, teacher and healer. She is a genuine person and she always gives her best.” Jerry Z. Chang, Vancouver, BC 


reiki“I came away from the healing treatment really feeling that I released a LOT. I also feel like I gained some very useful tools for the future. It seemed like Chloe was able to immediately see what was blocked and not only helped the energy to start flowing better in those areas, but also gave me some tools for the future. She was exquisitely intuitive and I was surprised at how accurate a lot of her assessments were. Her studio is beautiful and relaxing. I’ll be back.” Crystal Wilkes aka Crystal Precious, Vancouver, BC






“I teach Chi Kung and I’m very drawn to working with energy. I find Chloe as a Reiki practitioner to be professional and compassionate. She is very mindful in setting up her healing space and she works with integrity. I love that she incorporates many modalities into the Reiki session, massage, crystal therapy, tapping, affirmations and tarot card reading. I experienced a very deep level of relaxation that I haven’t had in my body for a very long time…and her intuitive insights were right on! Thank you Chloe for sharing your healing gifts with others.” Jan Zickler, Crescent Beach, BC







“Chloe is a gifted healer, she has done reiki sessions with me and her talent to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere is great.  I felt relaxed and at peace during the reiki sessions.  She is an intuitive psychic and has a gift for interpreting tarot cards, and giving wonderful readings through scrying with a crystal ball.” Elena K, South Surrey, BC





“Chloe is a very intuitive healer with a sense for creativity. Through music, aromas, beautiful art, and her light touch I was entered into healing mode. During the session Chloe was guided to use crystals, and chanting. I went into a meditative state of relaxation and vibration. I felt alive and inspired after the session. Thank you Chloe!” Joe Maillet, Vancouver, B.C